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Ultrasound, more precisely the generation and analysis of high-frequency mechanical waves, is a widely used technique in the life sciences and industrial applications. Similarly to the way we differentiate medical ultrasound in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic, in the field of technical ultrasound a basic distinction is made between sensor and actuator applications. Ultrasound can be used, on the one hand, to analyze material properties, measure flow speeds or determine distances. On the other hand, it can also be used to join materials by welding, or for cleaning or homogenizing. Ultrasound systems are classically distinguished by properties such as non-destructiveness, low system costs and the absence of moving parts.

In contrast to medical applications, the objects for analysis in technical applications show much greater variation in terms of size, shape and material. This is why technical ultrasound systems are similarly diverse and always optimized for a specific application.

Based on its core competences and its various working groups, the main department of Ultrasound can provide all the necessary services to develop industrial ultrasound applications for customers, and to accompany them from the feasibility study right up to the complete design of projects. Simulation and pre-development supply the main system parameters which can then be implemented in the area of transducer development, electronic systems as well as software and algorithms. We also offer the development of production techniques for the construction of transducers and systems with the aim of building prototypes and pilot series in conformance with ISO 9001. Due to the close dialogue between biomedical and technical, applications, synergies can be harnessed to implement innovative solutions.


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