Software Development/​System Integration

The working group of Software Engineering/System Integration develops not only complex software systems for internal and external ultrasound research but also forms the bridge to the customer and user with the creation of application-specific systems.

In the field of software engineering this group develops software concepts and libraries for all ultrasound frequency ranges from low-frequency sonar to classical medical imaging, right up to high-frequency ultrasound microscopy. This means that we can take recourse to joint resources for use in diverse applications for the control of the ultrasound hardware, signal processing including parameter extraction, as well as visualization techniques for both 2D and 3D imaging and image processing. Our software components are used both in firmware and embedded software in measurements systems as well as in classical desktop applications, independently or networked, right up to mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. All of these systems are subject to the same high demands in terms of quality and reliability. We fulfil these by testing our core technologies, but also individual software systems that we develop in classical or agile development processes, both as medical products or in accordance with industrial requirements.

In the field of system integration we execute the application integration of all the individual components in complete systems. Here the compatibility and interoperability of different software components are ensured, usually in combination with the measurement electronics and mechanics (construction with additional actuators and sensors) and optimized to product maturity. Customer-specific software solutions are created for these applications and the complete systems are tested either according to medical regulations or industrial standards.

Our Offers


Sonar Imaging

The visualization of sonar measurement data usually suffers from extensive artifacts caused by the use of comparatively small transducers compared to the large imaging areas covered.

Our transfer of modern ultrasound beamforming approaches from medical imaging and nondestructive testing add to existing sonar imaging technologies to enable new generation imaging devices with superior performance.


Processing and Visualization

Beside the signal processing of the high-resolution sonar measurement data of our systems the fusion with other data sources like GPS position data or additional image acquisition systems is essential for advanced digital cartography.

We offer interfaces for our technologies to be integrated into third party tools for adapted visualization and processing.


Customer Specific Integration

The integration of ultrasound devices into an overall sonar system setup includes the planning and handling of all types of active and passive third-party components.

We analyze the general system requirements, plan and perform the integration of all components and test the functionality and conformity of your overall setup in certified labs.


Parameter Extraction for Analysis and Processing

The analysis of ultrasound measurement data is the basis for advanced imaging techniques that offer for example the imaging of depth maps of large areas or detected structures and foreign objects.

Our RF ultrasound data processing enables to extractio of relevant features and is superior to image-based analysis and feature extraction.

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