Electronics Engineering

The Electronics Engineering Group of the Ultrasound Department specializes in the analog and digital circuit design of customer-specific ultrasound applications for a wide range of applications. 

Especially in industrial environments, ultrasound technology is used because of its numerous advantages in the highly accurate acquisition of physical measured variables, such as distance, velocity, level and flow rate. Factors such as energy efficiency, cost savings, low maintenance and reliability play an important role. Therefore the development of industrial-suited systems focuses precisely on these core properties. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of technical ultrasound, a large number of existing solutions and system components can be used, enabling a rapid and targeted development of innovative products for individual measuring tasks.

Efficient and cost-effective systems are usually implemented with single-channel transmit and receive circuits, often in combination with a multiplexer. Concepts and methods for the realization of multi-channel platforms are also available from the technology transfer of medical ultrasound, so that different measurement paths can be recorded and evaluated simultaneously - without the use of a multiplexer circuit. The connection to a terminal device, such as a PC, smartphone or tablet, can be realized via numerous interfaces, such as CAN bus, USB or WIFI. 

The experience of the employees in the design of analog and digital ultrasound hardware covers the entire spectrum of development from concept creation to prototypes and up to market-ready systems. The core competencies of the working group include:

- Feasibility studies, electrical simulations

- Development of customer and application-specific basic concepts

- Design of analog and digital circuits and creation of multi-layer PCB layouts

- Printed circuit board assembly and assembly of prototypes

- Hardware-based programming using FPGAs and µControllers

- Characterization and technical documentation of the system

In cooperation with the software development / system integration working group, complete applications are implemented and developed into customer-specific products.

Our Offer


Technical Ultrasound

Research System

Multi-channel ultrasound inspection systems have already established themselves completely in non-destructive material testing and quality control. The multi-channel ultrasound inspection systems developed at Fraunhofer IBMT offer open access to all control parameters and all acquired raw data.

Technical Ultrasound


By using individual multiplexer solutions, the "DiPhAS" ultrasonic research system can be quickly and easily adapted to transducers with up to 1024 elements.


Technical Ultrasound

Single Channel
Ultrasonic Systems

In industrial applications and processes, the focus of system development is usually on factors such as cost optimization, energy efficiency, miniaturization and networking. We offer a customer-specific development of single-channel ultrasound systems or system components for a wide variety of measuring tasks.


Technical Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Systems

Miniaturized systems are the basis for small and cost effective technical ultrasonic measurement systems. We offer two lines of develoment basing on an ultrasmall 8-channel and a scalable multi-channel electronics.