Active Implants

According to BBC Research, the worldwide market for microelectronic medical implants and accessories will grow to 24,8 billion US Dollars by the year 2016. Active implants are technically challenging medical devices that impose particularly high demands in terms of application-oriented research & development, design, production, testing and regulatory approval. Innovations always need to consider biocompatibility and biostability issues, patient security, reliability over the complete service life as well as compatibility with other medical and non-medical devices. Miniaturization, efficient and space-saving powering, wireless power and data transfer between external and implanted modules as well as innovations in encapsulation and housing are key issues for the future of active implants.

The Fraunhofer IBMT offers concept, design, development and prototyping services for active implants in a wide range of applications. We have more than 15 years of experience in the business of active implants and bordering areas. We gained our knowledge in publicly-funded and industry-funded projects covering all aspects of the innovation chain from concept and feasibility studies to product design and development as well as prototyping. We have experience in various application fields of active implants, such as:

  • dental implants for monitoring, electrostimulation and oral drug delivery purposes
  • implants for remote-controlled hydrocephalus treatment
  • implants for wireless monitoring of intracranial pressure
  • implants for electrostimulation purposes
  • orthopaedic active implants

The Fraunhofer IBMT pools the experience and know-how of different units to offer a wide range of services dedicated to active implants:

  • wireless powering and data transfer (RF, RFID, infrared and ultrasound)
  • microelectrodes, microsensors and microactuators
  • encapsulation and housing (flexible and rigid)
  • electronics design & development
  • miniaturization by intelligent electronic design
  • firmware/software development and signal processing
  • biocompatibility and biostability testing
  • system aspects and integration
  • regulatory issues


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