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The Electronics Engineering group at Fraunhofer IBMT specializes in the flexible, customer-specific development of multi-channel ultrasound systems for a wide variety of medical applications. MR-compatible ultrasound devices for simultaneous operation in the MRT, systems for 3D/4D imaging with matrix array converters as well as ultrasound systems for real-time therapy control are part of the portfolio. 

The in-house developed Digital Phased Array System (DiPhAS), which is approved as a medical product, serves as a scalable, multi-channel research and development platform and can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of requirements thanks to its modular design. Another advantage of the ultrasound platform: Users can not only access classical image data, but also the unprocessed raw signals of each element of an ultrasound array. In addition, the user has open access to a large number of system control parameters. 

In addition to stationary medical research systems, another field of operation is the development of multi-channel, mobile ultrasound systems with a focus on cost savings and energy efficiency. The signal processing is done on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The data transmission and control of the ultrasound system is realized e.g. via WIFI interface.

The experience of the employees in the design of analog and digital ultrasound hardware covers the entire spectrum of development from concept creation to prototypes and up to market-ready systems. The core competencies of the working group include:

- Feasibility studies, electrical simulations

- Development of customer and application-specific basic concepts

- Design of analog and digital circuits and creation of multi-layer PCB layouts

- Printed circuit board assembly and assembly of prototypes

- Hardware-based programming using FPGAs and µControllers

- Characterization and technical documentation of the system

In cooperation with the software development / system integration working group, complete applications are implemented and developed into customer-specific products.

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Biomedical Ultrasound

Research System

In the field of biomedical ultrasound, innovative ultrasound systems are often required to solve complex questions. Those systems are on the one hand especially adapted to the customer's application and offer on the other hand the greatest possible degree of freedom in setting options and access rights.

Biomedical Ultrasound


By using individual multiplexer solutions, the "DiPhAS" ultrasound research system can be quickly and easily adapted to transducers with up to 1024 elements.

Biomedical Ultrasound

1024 Channel
Research System

In applications such as volumetric imaging, transducers are used with significantly more elements than channels provided by the excitation and digitizing electronics. A high-precision synchronization circuit enables parallel operation of several ultrasound systems for simultaneous control of up to 1024 transducer elements.

Biomedical Ultrasound

Multi Channel
HIFU‍-‍Research System

In addition to classical diagnostics, ultrasound is also used for therapeutic purposes, in particular to combat tumors. This involves bundling high-intensity ultrasound waves in order to heat and destroy tissue in a targeted manner (HIFU). An important area of application for this procedure is, for example, the treatment of prostate cancer.


Biomedical Ultrasound

Ultrasound Systems

Miniaturized systems are key to mobile ultrasoundapplications like in emergency medicine. We offer two lines of develoment basing on an ultrasmall 8-channel and a scalable multi-channel electronics.


Biomedical Ultrasound

Multi Channel
High Frequency Systems

High temporal and spatial resolution ultrasound imaging, which is used in preclinical research to study organs and tissues in small animals, requires advanced multi-channel ultrasound systems that can digitize and process analog signals at very high frequencies.


Biomedical Ultrasound

Single Channel
High Frequency Systems

Single-channel ultrasound systems are optimized for a frequency range between 1 and 35 MHz. Due to their high resolution of details, the imaging systems are used in the medical field for the examination of fine skin structures as well as in the imaging of teeth. By using a multiplexer solution, up to 128 transducer elements can be addressed.

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