Sonar constitutes a technique for localization and analysis of structures under water with the aid of ultrasound signals. Analogously with radar technology in air, ultrasound represents the most efficient technology for the fulfilment of a wide range of measurement tasks under water. Here, the applications range from simple depth and distance measurements, through cartography of the seabed, right up to multidimensional visualization of the environment in real time. Sonar is also a tried and tested method for the measurement of layer thicknesses in sediment and for the recognition and classification of objects.

The business area of Sonar offers its customers comprehensive access to the widest possible range in the field of sonar applications. In recent years the Fraunhofer IBMT has impressively demonstrated its capabilities in projects for industrial customers as well as publicly funded projects with the development of a wide range of sonar systems for various applications.

Thanks to access to the entire competence chain of the main department of Ultrasound (simulation, transducer development, electronics development, software development, production) and a network of experienced technology partners, the most diverse requirements of our customers can be efficiently implemented. With the aid of model-based simulations and initial preliminary trials, ultrasound antennas with customer-specific characteristics can be developed, built and characterized under realistic application conditions. For this purpose, among other things, we are equipped with various measurement tanks, a pressure chamber with a test pressure up to 600 bar as well as several water vehicles. The development and realization of adapted electronic systems (single-channel and multi-channel) for the excitation of the antennas and the evaluation of the received signals are as much part of the offer of the business field of Sonar as the creation of all necessary software components. On request, the customer can have open access to the electronic system, which means he has full access to all data and signals at every point of the signal processing chain. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility and the access to all system components (antenna, electronic system, algorithms and software), we develop and realize the most efficient all-round solutions for our customers.

The development of production technologies certified in accordance with ISO 9001 rounds off our offer and allows the realization of prototypes and pilot series right up to serial production. In addition to this, the customer also has access to a comprehensive range of training courses for the transfer of all development and production results.


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