Software Development

  • development environments for professional software development of complex systems from measurement technology to App-development
  • development systems for industrial image processing (orientation, position, OCR, pattern matching)
  • IT infrastructure for standard-compliant software development
  • commercial software tools for analysis and processing of image data (e. g. Amira) and signal processing (e. g. Matlab)
  • simulation software: ANSYS, PZFlex, PiezoCAD, Wave 2000 Pro
  • software for hydrodynamic simulations (ANSYS-FLOTRAN and CFX)
  • software PiezoCAD for the design of ultrasound transducers on the basis of the KLM model
  • own software SCALP for the calculation of the sound fields and EVOLUTI for optimization on the basis of genetic algorithms

Electronics Engineering

  • single channel systems and beamformer systems for the development of beamforming technologies and imaging
  • assembly technology: SMD fine pitch assembly
  • computer-aided development environment for electronic boards (ORCAD)
  • DSP and microcontroller development environment (microchip, Motorola)
  • FPGA development environment
  • micro-soldering station, wave soldering system, reflow soldering system

Measurement Technology

  • acoustic microscope systems SASAM
  • biological and chemical laboratory
  • photolithography, mask aligner
  • laboratory measurement stations for flows (Speckle Tracking, propagation time difference; fluid: 7 m/s, DN 50/100/200; gas: variable up to 30 m/s, DN 200)
  • laser interferometer measurement station: UHF vibrometer, 1,2 GHz (Polytec)
  • laser systems of various wavelengths for optoacoustic applications
  • 8-channel propagation time difference measurement system for airborne sound applications
  • airborne sound measurement station
  • climate chamber measurement station
  • cryostat measurement station for sensor characterization and zero-flow measurements
  • measurement technology: pygnometer, 3D sound field scanner, impedance measurement station, surface quality measurement station, contact angle measurement device
  • opto-acoustic laboratory
  • plasma cleaning facility
  • electromagnetic and optical position detection systems
  • test stand for static and dynamic pressure resistance
  • scanning electron microscope with EDX
  • scanning probe microscopes (AFM, STM, MFM)
  • clean room, PCD, PECVD
  • sputter systems
  • ultrasound measurement basin (0,8 m x 1,5 m x 0,9 m and 6 m x 8 m x 6 m)
  • precision lapping and polishing machines (Wolters)

Manufacturing Technology

  • CNC diamond saws (Disco DAD 321)
  • CNC flat and profile grinding machine (Amada Meister G3)
  • CNC laser cutting and welding centre (Trumpf)
  • CNC micro drilling-milling-grinding machine (Kern), WR: 220 x 160 x 200 mm, swivelling NC turntable, five-axis
  • production system for ultrasound sensors in small and medium quantities
  • lapping machine
  • 5-basin ultrasound cleaning facility
  • fully parametrical 3D CAD systems (SolidWorks)


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