Simulation/Advance Development

  • computer-aided development, testing and optimization
  • sound field calculations
  • FEM-based component optimization
  • hydrodynamics and coupled flow-acoustic-calculations
  • feasibility studies (proof of concept)
  • market studies
  • patent searches

Software Development/System Integration

Software Development

  • development of software concepts and libraries for all frequency ranges of sonar from classical medical imaging to high-frequency ultrasound microscopy
    • control of ultrasonic hardware
    • signal processing and parameter extraction
    • visualization techniques for 2D and 3D imaging and processing
  • from firmware on devices via mobile apps to traditional desktop applications stand-alone or in a network
  • testing of software systems, developed by classical or agile development processes, both as medical devices or in accordance with industrial requirements

System Integration

  • application integration: from individual components to complete systems
  • combination of different software individually and with electronics and mechanics
  • development of customized software solutions
  • multimodal and hybrid imaging (parallel MR+US, US+optics as optoacoustics, ...)
  • functional imaging
  • testing of complete systems both as medical devices or in accordance with industrial requirements

Electronics Engineering

  • multi-channel ultrasound systems for research and application development (OEM) set up based on a modular scalable platform concept including up to 256 channels with open access to all control parameters and all levels of the signal processing chain
    1. Low frequency range (applications in the frequency range 400 kHz-3 MHz)
        e. g. compact, multi-beam, imaging sonar systems, ultrasound systems for airborne sound applications
    2. Diagnostic area (applications in the frequency range 700 kH -20 MHz)
        e. g. MR-compatible ultrasound systems, systems for 3D/4D imaging using matrix array transducers, ultrasound systems for real-time-therapy control
    3. High frequency range (applications in the frequency range 20 MHz-80 MHz)
        e. g. ultrasound systems for preclinical applications, ultrasound systems for non-destructive material testing and process control
  • portable multi-channel ultrasound systems for imaging and measurement applications with the focus on cost-effective implementations
  • single-channel ultrasound systems for application-specific measurement tasks in the field of technical and medical ultrasound (e. g. filling level measurement, distance measurement/parking assistance system, transmission measurement/crack detection, sonoporation, flow measurement)
  • analogue and digital circuit developments as well as FPGA- and PLD-based firmware programming for customer-specific ultrasound applications

Transducer Engineering

  • development and optimization of ultrasound transducers
  • medical phased, linear or curved arrays
  • matrix arrays for volumetric diagnostics
  • therapeutic and combined diagnostic/therapeutic Transducers
  • miniaturized and catheter-based single-element transducers and arrays
  • sensors for flow measurement in gases and fluids (e. g. also clamp-on)
  • level or distance sensors (e. g. level metering in a tank, parking assistance)
  • sonar sensors and antennae (e. g. echosounders, sidescan sonar systems, obstacle avoidance)
  • volumetric sonar sensors (based on Mills-Cross technology or full-matrix arrays)
  • special solutions for sonar-based object recognition (active/passive)
  • sensors for material analysis
  • high-bandwidth transducers for special applications (e. g. paint-thickness measurement)
  • pressure-resistant/pressure-neutral ultrasound transducers (e. g. for deep sea and bore hole analysis)
  • high-power ultrasonic transducers
  • low and high-frequency cleaning system (e. g. megasonic cleaning)
  • high-frequency, focused ultrasound transducers (80 MHz to 1 GHz) and ultrasound arrays
  • acoustic measurements up to 1.2 GHz
  • consulting services in the area of sensor development

Manufacturing Technology (ISO 9001 & 13485)

  • development and optimization of transducer manufacturing technologies
  • development and realization of production means
  • manufacturing of prototype and pre-production series
  • piezoelectric composites (up to 20 MHz)
  • consulting services in the area of sensor manufacturing technologies


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