Biomedical Engineering


Microsystems Technology

Design tools

  • design tools for mask layout
  • 3D construction
  • circuit layout for screen printing


  • complete photolithography with resist processor and double-sided mask aligner for microstructuring
  • dry etching (RIE) of silicon wafers as well as for plastic substrates
  • process equipment for anisotropic etching of silicon
  • thin film process plant (sputtering, PECVD)
  • Parylene C coater
  • imidization of polyimide
  • laser for drilling and cutting (e. g. silicon or aluminium oxide ceramics)
  • laboratory for replication technologies (silicone moulding, mould manufacturing)
  • 3D rapid prototyping by means of 3D printer and 3D scanner
  • laboratory for the processing and manufacturing of silicon structures, including the targeted optimization of their properties through biological functionalization of surfaces and the introduction of special fillers  

Assembly and packaging technologies

  • die bonder
  • ball-wedge bonder
  • anodic bonder
  • hybrid laboratory line 

Foil-based Microsystems Technology

  • hot embossing equipment
  • equipment for rotative hot embossing of large area foils (reel to reel)
  • equipment for rotative printing of proteins and structures of graphene (reel to reel)
  • foil laminator

Measurement Technology/Analysis

  • scanning electron micropscope (SEM, EDX)
  • 3D confocal microscope
  • field distribution of microelectrodes
  • electric impedance spectroscopy
  • measuring of leakage currents under mechanical stress
  • profilometer

Biotelemetry/Electronics/Software and Firmware

  • telemetry lab equipped with instrumentation for professional electronics development and measurement e. g. digital HF oscilloscopes, programmable power supply untis, spectrum analyzers, precision multimeters, etc.
  • design tools for the development of electronic circuits (OrCAD, Mentor Graphics, Solid Works)
  • development and production of distributed sensors and actuators, including systems for the physiological measurement technology and electrostimulation
  • development tools for the programming of 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers and FPGAs
  • software laboratory
  • simulation tools for simulation of electromagnetic systems
  • VR/AR components, e .g. HoloLEns
  • Test Stands for Characterization of Active Implants
  • test stands for detecting the effect of tissue on wireless communication and wireless energy transmission
  • neurophysiological test stands
  • setup of special test stands
  • EMC test stand


  • laboratory for development and application of devices and methods of clinical neurophysiology including eye-tracking and thermography
  • drive simulator for evaluation of driving behaviour and condition of the driver using dynamically acquired vital parameters
  • 3D measurement station for acquisition and evaluation of motion sequences including 16-channel recording of EMG with wireless transmission
  • microcontroller development stations
  • development environments for wireless-based positioning systems
  • software development tools for PC and smart phones applications in Java, C/C++/C#; database development tools (Oracle, SQL server, InterSystems Caché)
  • devices and communication facilities for wireless, continuous patient monitoring
  • servers and databases
  • cryptographic applications

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