Medical Biotechnology


Stem Cell and Cryo Technology & Bioprocessing and Bioanalytics


Mobile epidemiological laboratories including BSL2 area for site-flexible performance of medical examinations and anthropometric measurements, collection of human samples, sample characterization, sample processing, clinical chemical analysis and LIN-based cryopreservation

Safety class S2 and S3 laboratories with lock areas for microbiological, molecular biological, cell biological and virological work

  • cell culture robots (e. g. Tecan Freedom, TAP)
  • various transmitted and reflected light microscopes with phase and differential
  • interference contrast, fluorescence, manipulation and documentation unit and incubation chamber (e. g. Nikon, EVOS)
  • transmitted light and fluorescence microscope with z-axis adjustable sample
  • stage for 3D imaging of biological samples (Zeiss AxioObserver Z1)
  • confocal microscope equipped with white light laser and continuous wave laser of wavelength 405 nm (Leica-TCS-SP8-X)
  • live cell imaging units (e. g. Nikon BioStation-IM)
  • HPLC system (Agilent 1260 Infinity Series)
  • mass spectrometer (Q Exactive FOCUS)
  • asymmetric field flow fractionation system with DLS and MALS detector
  • flow cytometer including sorting unit (e.g. FACSAria, FACSCanto BD
  • spectrophotometer for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements in microtiter plates
  • TER impedance measurement systems (cellZscope®, Ussing chamber®) for transport studies and barrier function analysis of liquid-liquid interfaces
  • Franz Cell System® (air-liquid interface model, e.g. skin barrier)
  • aerosol exposure system VITROCELL® Cloud (air-liquid interface model, e. g. lung barrier)
  • bioprinter for tissue engineering (Rokit invivo) and µContact printing (GeSiM µCP)
  • various pipetting robots (GeSim Nanoplotter, Integra ViaFlo)
  • ZetaSizer ® Nano
  • gel electrophoresis units for DNA, RNA and proteins with documentation units (e. g. Bioanalyzer, Agilent)
  • Western blot unit (BioRad)
  • real time PCR system (QuantStudio 7, Applied Biosystems) and NanoDrop 2000 (Peqlab)
  • freezing microtome

Laboratory for automation of stem cell processes and material characterization (Würzburg)

  • Suspension bioreactors (OLS, CERO)
  • multi-electrode array and impedance measurement system for electro-physiological studies (Axion Biosystems, Maestro Pro)
  • automated cell counters (Chemometec, Nucleocounter)
  • osmometers (Gonotec, Osmomat 3000)
  • refractometers (Kern Optics, Abbe)
  • spectrophotometer (Thermo ScientificTM NanodropTM One) for determination of DNA concentration
  • rheometer for viscosity measurements (Anton Paar, MCR102)
  • nano-indenter for the investigation of mechanical material properties (Optics11 Life, Pavone)
  • plasma pen for surface modification (neoplas GmbH, kINPen)
  • 3D printer (ROKIT, 3D Bioprinter INVIVO)

Optics laboratory for the operation and development of optical measurement technology

  • ultra-short pulsed Ti:sapphire laser, various other pulsed and cw laser sources
  • confocal Raman microscopy, Raman microspectrometry
  • multiphoton laser scanning microscope (Miltenyi TrimScope Matrix)
  • UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer Lambda 950)
  • fluorescence spectrometer (Hitachi FL4500)
  • dynamic differential calorimetry (Perkin Elmer DSC8500), operable from -180°C to 600°C

Cryolab for preservation of biological samples in conventional and vitrification-based methods

  • Askion C-line automated biobank and manual nitrogen-based storage tanks
  • cryogenic workbenches for work below 80°C (Askion)
  • controlled freezing equipment (e. g. SyLab, ViaFreeze Asysmtote)
  • temperature control units for controlled thawing (e. g. Thawstar BioCision)
  • freeze dryer (Martin Christ)
  • programmable cryogenic chambers for microscopy (Cryostage Linkam)

Microsystems technology

  • coating/microstructuring
    • photolithography
    • dry etching equipment (RIE) and wet chemical etching
    • coating (sputtering (metals, piezoelectric coatings), PECVD: silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, deposition of Parylene C)
    • imidization of polyimide
  • wafer saw
  • 3D printer
  • silicone molding
  • packaging and interconnection technologies (bonding, encapsulation, wire bonding)
  • printing technologies
    • screen printing (thick film pastes on ceramics, graphene-based ink on polymer films)
    • roll-to-roll printing on polymer films (graphene-based ink, protein inks)
    • inkjet printing on polymer films and glass (carbon and metal inks)
  • 3D CAD (SolidWorks)

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