Fraunhofer IBMT at MEDICA 2011

MediTRUST - TPM-based VPNs for Confidential Medical Communication

Press Release /

The project »MediTRUST« funded by the EC and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia intends to substitute external cryptographic appliances by using computer integrated chips.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) are a state-of-the-art means to provide privacy during transmission of personal medical data or other critical information. Protection in VPN’s is based on encryption of all IP packages to be transmitted. In case of highly sensible (i. e. medical) content special hardware appliances (VPN-Routers) are used to protect the used cryptographical keys from being recovered by spyware or other malware.

The system will be displayed at MEDICA 2011, Düsseldorf, November 16-19, 2011 in Hall 10 Booth F 05.


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