Hochschule Anhalt, Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany, Strenzfelder Allee 28, Innovationswerkstatt  /  June 12, 2023  -  June 13, 2023

Bernburger Innovationstage 2023

Workshop Landwirtschaft im Wandel - Mit Daten Zukunft gestalten 12. und 13. Juni 2023, Hochschule Anhalt, Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany, Strenzfelder Allee 28, Innovationswerkstatt

The Fraunhofer IBMT is on site with the mobile technology carrier "BioSensoLab" and presents two topics: 1) Networked sensors with AI-based data analysis - presentation of the Fraunhofer Center for Sensor Intelligence ZSI. 2) A mobile laboratory for pests in agriculture - presentation of the first results from the project "PhenoTruck".

© Hochschule Anhalt; Uwe Knauer.
Mobiles Labor BioSensoLab des Fraunhofer IBMT.

Energy crisis, war in Europe, rising prices - developments of the past year. Climate change, decline in biodiversity, environmental pollution - challenges recognized as consequences of human activity over decades. Against this background, a secure supply of food, environmentally friendly production methods and adaptation to changing conditions must be discussed.

Agricultural science and technology are working at full speed to develop solutions and adaptation strategies. Agroecology not only points out fields of action, but also innovative approaches to solutions. But: the accelerating pace of change and the urgency with which these solutions are needed raises questions: about practicality, about desired as well as undesired effects, and of course about costs.

Presentations by scientists and practitioners from the fields of crop production, agricultural engineering, digital technologies and nature conservation will provide a contribution to answering these questions on 12 and 13 June 2022. Current developments in the field of digital technologies, biodiversity research as well as further results from research projects will be presented and discussed in terms of practicality, sustainability and rapid feasibility.