Medical Engineering & Neuroprosthetics


Biomedical Engineering & Neuroprosthetics


  • customer-specific design, manufacturing and characterization of flexible, implantable polyimide microelectrodes in a wide range of construction forms (e.g. cuff, shaft, sieve, thread, array) and application (e.g. peripheral nerve, ECoG, retina, vestibularis, musculature)
  • coating of the electrode surface to reduce impedance and increase the reversible charge injection capacity
  • evaluation of the long-term reliability of implants (encapsulation materials, electrode layers and supply lines)
  • hybrid assembly and encapsulation of biomedical microimplants
  • mask design for 2D and 3D microelectrodes
  • manufacturing of microimplants with integrated electronics
  • development of dry surface electrodes including material tests and investigations of the transmission behaviour
  • design and manufacturing of recording and stimulation circuits
  • encapsulation of random structures and geometries with parylene
  • rapid prototyping (3D printer, 3D scanner)
  • development and manufacturing of autonomous, distributed sensors and actuators


  • development of customer-specific measurement stations for the verification of the long-term stability of implantable structures
  • eye-tracking for usability tests and reading behaviour (high-speed and helmet-based system)
  • registration and analysis of eye movements, vision path and fixation duration for different applications (e.g. while driving vehicles, advertising, design etc.)
  • development of methods and equipment for clinical neurophysiology and psychology including new methods of signal analysis such as online beat-to-beat determination of the pulse transit time, heart rate variability etc.
  • system design of neuroprostheses
  • thermography in the case of technical and biological issues
  • vigilance investigations and registration of emotions in the drive simulator
  • examination of implant materials under physiological conditions and accelerated aging
  • development of stimulation patterns, recording systems, material tests
  • characterization of microelectrodes, material properties of surface electrodes, long-term behaviour of surface electrodes


  • consulting on biocompatible coating and encapsulation materials (polyimide, parylene, silicone) and organic electrode material
  • technical assistance for electrophysiological measurements in vitro, in vivo and human
  • investigations on functional electrostimulation and neuromodulation at peripheral nerves
  • implant technology and elaboration of implantation tools for microimplants
  • risk management, quality assurance and verification of the biocompatibility and long-term stability
  • preparation and monitoring of clinical studies

Health Information Systems

  • semantic integration of heterogeneous biomedical data sources
  • long-term archiving solutions for digital medicine
  • semantic search engines in medicine
  • biomedical big data applications
  • clinical expert systems, decision-supporting systems, multivariant data analysis and biostatistics
  • telemedicine platforms for underserved, rural regions and epidemiology
  • information systems for biobanks and their networking
  • integrated information systems for clinical and epidemiological studies
  • disease management systems for domestic and mobile healthcare provision for risk patients, elderly and disabled persons
  • health prevention and rehabilitation systems
  • smart, networked medical devices and intelligent environments
  • medical communication standards (HL7, POCT1A, ICD10, XML, CDISK, etc.)
  • near field location and localization systems, asset tracking and management
  • biomedical computer vision solutions