Electronics Engineering

The working group of Electronics Engineering of the main department of Ultrasound is specialized in analogue and digital circuit development for customer-specific ultrasound systems for use in medical, technical and sonar applications. Alongside single-channel measurement systems for the high-resolution analysis of various physical quantities such as distance, speed and volume, another core competence of this working group is the development of scalable, multi-channel ultrasound systems with open access to a multitude of control parameters and all levels of the signal processing chain. The bandwidth ranges from low-frequency applications (sonar and therapy systems) to clinical diagnostics, and right up to high-frequency imaging systems for preclinical applications or non-destructive material testing/process control. The experience of this working group in the design of analogue and digital ultrasound hardware covers the whole spectrum of development from the creation of the concept to prototypes, right up to market-ready, certified systems. In cooperation with the group of Software Engineering/System Integration we implement complete applications and develop them to customer-specific products.

The systemic basis for multichannel research and development is the Digital Phased Array System (DiPhAS). This system is an in-house development of a digital phased array ultrasound platform, which is medically approved and customizable for different requirements.

The tried and tested and steadily further developed technology platforms TRM (Transmit Receive Module) and USS (UltraSoundSystem) are available for the targeted evaluation of innovative, single-channel approaches and rapid product development. Based on these platforms, systems for individual measurement tasks are developed, for example for test applications or quality assurance.

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