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LSM image of adult stem cells (MSC) on alginate microcarriers with stained nucleus (blue) and actine sceleton (green).

Cryo & Stem Cell Technology


Cryobiotechnology, Clinical Stem Cell Technologies and Automation Processes  

Cell biology laboratory, equipped with:

  • flow and laminar hoods
  • CO2 incubators
  • 10 BioLevitators (semi-automated suspension cell culture bioreactor)
  • bioreactor systems for the expansion of cells (Spinner Flasks, Hexabatch)
  • 10 BioStations IM and 1 Biostation CT for low-content time-lapse imaging
  • FACSAria II flow cytometer and cell sorter
  • separate quarantine cell culture laboratory for primary cells

Molecular biology laboratory, equipped with:

  • QuantStudio 7 qPCR instrument for quantitative gene expression studies
  • Thermalcycler (AB 2720)
  • Bioanalyzer and Nanodrop for precise measurement of nucleic acids and protein concentration
  • electrophoresis systems for agarose gels and SDS-PAGE
  • equipment for recombinant DNA techniques

Biochemistry laboratory, equipped with:

  • hybridization oven for in situ detection of RNA
  • BioRad Chemidoc for quantification of nucleic acid/protein expression
  • Thermalcycler (AB SimpliAmp)
  • spectrophotometer
  • microcapsule/microcarrier producing system (co-axial air flow and Crystal Gun principle)
  • contact printer (GeSiM GmbH) a moulding system for the production of thin, biocompatible alginate films or for printing of protein patterns
  • 3D scaffolder (GeSiM GmbH) for the production of three dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • freeze dryer

Microscopy room, equipped with:

  • inverted cryomicroscope (own development, Peltier-based)
  • combined reflection/scanning force microscope for measurement of biological objects in aqueous environments
  • confocal inverted microscope
  • fluorescence microscopes, CLSM, LSM, incubation microscopes
  • high-speed camera for the visualization of ultra-fast processes like crystallization during cryopreservation or the validation of cross-linking processes

Automation laboratory, equipped with:

  • cell culture robots for the automated cultivation of cells:
    - Nanoplotter 2.1 (GeSiM GmbH)
    - TECAN Freedom 200 (TECAN)
  • micropipette system / automation platform

Cryopreservation laboratory, equipped with:

  • cryogenic storage systems (down to –196 °C) with liquid nitrogen storage tank
  • automated cryobanking system, currently with the capacity of 60,000 samples (hermetic storage, ASKION)
  • Cryo-Workbench (ASKION) for the handling of frozen samples below -100°C
  • vitrification facility with novel substrates for sterile vitrification processes
  • computer-controlled freezers (Sylab, Asymptote)
  • cryomicroscope including high-speed camera
  • "Freezing Spin Coater" for the freezing of ultrathin layers (own development)
  • modified programmable automatic freezer for applications in biology, materials science and electronics
  • high-speed camera system for analysis of fast biological and biophysical processes (e.g. microdrop-based freezing)
  • thermography system (temperature measurement range –20 °C to +250 °C)
  • thawing device for plasma bags
  • cryogentic osmometer (Gonotec)

Biomedical Optics

  • ultra-short pulsed Ti:sapphire laser, various additional pulsed and cw laser sources
  • multiphoton laser scanning microscope with spectral imaging module (Zeiss LSM510-Meta-NLO)
  • epifluorescence microscope with CCD unit
  • versatile platform for development and evaluation of laser scanning imaging technology (established as standard: confocal fluorescence and Raman microscopy at 375, 532 and 785 nm excitation, multiphoton microscopy at 710-990 nm excitation, detection by 1024-channel spectrograph, option for subsequent correlation of measured values)
  • ultra-short pulse technology: pulse picker, frequency doubler, beam analysis systems
  • low-temperature microscopy equipment
  • equipment for time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) for fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) and spectral FLIM
  • measurement electronics (pulse generators, oscilloscope, lock-in amplifier, etc.)
  • fluorescence spectrometer (200-900 nm), UV/Vis/NIR absorption spectrometer (200-3300 nm)
  • Peltier-cooled CCD spectrometer (Andor Idus)
  • hardware correlator ALV-5000
  • piezotables for various control ranges
  • spin coater
  • differential scanning calorimeter Perkin Elmer DSC 8500 (-180 °C to +750 °C)
  • Lab View development environment
  • Zemax: optical design software
  • clean room for the extraction of high-purity alginates
  • measurement station for the deformation curves of highly viscous alginate


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