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Targeted transport of nanopackaged cytostatica in cancer cells.

Bioprocessing & Bioanalytics


Laboratories with safety level S-2 and S-3 with double-door system for microbiological, molecular biological and cell biological research as well as radionuclide laboratory of safety level S2 for use with open radioactive substances

  • aerosol exposition system VITROCELL® Cloud (air-liquid-interface model, e. g. lung barrier
  • TER impedance measuring system (cellZscope®, Ussing chamber®) for transport studies and barrier function analysis of liquid-liquid-interfaces
  • Franz cell system® (air-liquid-interface model, e. g. skin barrier)
  • flow cytometer including sorting unit (FACS)
  • spectral photometer for absorption, fluorescence and luminescence measurements of microtitre plates
  • transmitted light microscopes and reflected light microscopes with phase and differential interference contrast, fluorescence unit, manipulation unit and incubation hood, sample stage variable in the z-axes for the 3D display of biological samples
  • Leica-TCS-SP8-X confocal microscope equipped with white-light laser and continuous wave laser with a wavelength of 405 nm (white-light-CLSM)
  • field-flow-fractionation system (AF2000 MultiFlow FFF) with UV and MALS detector
  • high-performance liquids chromatograph (HPLC)
  • Zeta Sizer Nano
  • NanoSight – Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
  • gel electrophoresis units for DNA, RNA and proteins (with documentation units)
  • Western Blot unit
  • real-time PCR cycler
  • cryo microtome
  • micro-, cooling and ultracentrifuges
  • fluid scintillation counter model 2919 TR

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