Medical Engineering & Neuroprosthetics



  • design tools for development of flexible substrates with integrated electrodes for neural implants (CAD: LASI, electromechanical simulation: FlexPDE) 
  • co-utilization of the IBMT clean room for fabrication and assembly of neuroimplants with minimum structural size of approx. 5 µm (lithography, metal deposition, reactive ion etching, polyimide oven, parylene C deposition, bonder)
  • laboratory for assembly 
  • encapsulation (parylene, silicone) of electrodes, cables and implants; fabrication of moulds
  • measurement laboratory for electrochemical, optical and mechanical characterization of electrodes, particularly investigation of field distributions for microelectrodes, electrical impedance spectroscopy, stability under mechanical stress and leakage current measurement 
  • electrotechnical laboratory for development and fabrication of distributed sensors and actuators, including design tools for development of analogue and digital circuits and systems for physiological measurement technology and electrical stimulation
  • rapid prototyping with 3D printer and 3D scanner
  • laboratory for processing of silicone structures including directed optimization of their properties by biological surface functionalization and integration of special filling materials


  • laboratory for development and application of devices and methods of clinical neurophysiology including eye-tracking and thermography 
  • drive simulator for evaluation of driving behaviour and condition of the driver using dynamically acquired vital parameters 
  • 3D measurement station for acquisition and evaluation of motion sequences including 16-channel recording of EMG with wireless transmission

Health Information Systems

  • microcontroller development stations
  • development environments for wireless-based positioning systems
  • software development tools for PC and mobile phone/PDA
  • applications in Java, C/C++/C#; database development tools (Oracle, SQL server, InterSystems Caché)
  • devices and communication facilities for wireless, continuous patient monitoring
  • servers and databases
  • cryptographic applications