Fraunhofer IBMT Partner in EIT Health

Fraunhofer Consortium EIT Health

Fraunhofer is member in the EIT Health KIC since 2015, and belongs to the German Co-Location Center where it holds a core membership. The Fraunhofer consortium is currently formed by 13 Fraunhofer Institutes and the Fraunhofer Academy with their individual competences in many different research areas for better health systems, health diagnostics and treatments in Europe and worldwide.


Fraunhofer in EIT Health


Fraunhofer IBMT in R2U Tox Assay



Human cell-based test systems for toxicity studies

R2U-Tox-Assay - Ready-to-use Toxicity Screening Assay based on iPS-Technologies



Fraunhofer IBMT in EBiSC