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Press Releases
Press Releases


  • Fraunhofer IBMT at "Business Meets Research" Forum 2015 in Luxemburg

    Fraunhofer IBMT presents Mobile Lab Technologies in Luxemburg on May 21, 2015

  • Fraunhofer IBMT at ArabLab 2015

    Fraunhofer IBMT presents Mobile Lab Technologies at ArabLab together with THIEMT

  • Fraunhofer IBMT at Hanover Fair 2015

    Maritime Sensor & Vehicle Technology

  • Protecting nerve tissue during bowel surgery

  • Ultrasound technology made to measure

  • Proteins of the Roll

  • Fraunhofer IBMT at the 100th RSNA 2014 in Chicago

    Custom-tailored Ultrasound Technology

  • Central Biobank for Drug Research

  • Telemedicine for Patients with Chronic Liver Diseases

  • Fraunhofer IBMT at MEDTEC 2014

    Compact and extremely small-scale Incubator Microscope to examine Cells in Time Lapse